4 thoughts on “Commissioner Charles Jordan, 1975

  1. It was nice to read about this man. I liked some of his quotes:
    “Today you follow, but tomorrow you will be expected to lead.”

    “If change is to be, it’s up to you and me.”

    “Dreams are simply goals with wings.”

    “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.”

    “Take good care of yourself and you can care for others.”

    “We’re more than just fun and games.”

    “Develop a passion for something and do it well.”

    “Model the way – you never know who is watching and wanting to be just like you.”

    More information from City site:

  2. Lou — I am using a smaller than usual device and my finger hit the “thumbs down” by mistake. I wish one could change those the way the New York Times lets you do. At any rate, “thumbs up! for your post.

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