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  1. There was a Champion Gas Station on NE 82nd and NE Killingsworth.and I’m thinking this was the one. Look at the length of the sign blade there on the corner. Granted it’s the back of the sign blade but it’s so long I’m thinking it says Killingsworth on the front of it.

  2. The street is wide enough to have a low median in it. You can also make out the slope of a wooded hill at background left … Rocky Butte?

  3. Im thinking “on Barbur” somewhere with the odd angled intersection and “right turn” signal, and low high tension pole over the edge behind the station….. and center median…

  4. “Granted it’s the back of the sign blade”
    portland is the only city i’ve encountered that’s too damn cheap to print both sides of a street sign.

    high-angle sun looks to be straight down street, so they’re heading south.

    also, it might be time to take his license away due to his bad driving; his wife has a death-grip on that vent wing…

  5. I’m with Mike. If you can figure out the location of the two businesses on the bus benches, you’ll probably narrow down this location. Mr. C’s Hippopotamus was in Lloyd Center. Not sure about Cook’s Cleaners.

  6. Charles I think you nailed it! We moved out to Vermont Hills in ’63 and went to that car wash once a month. It is still there as a KAADY Car Wash less the service station,

  7. judging by the lights over the gas pumps, that service station had been there a while – 40s at least. so if you can find a 50s sanborn map for any of our guesses the building should be on there.

  8. My first impression is what others have mentioned as being SW Barbur & SW Terwilliger, and after looking at aerial photos from the early 70’s the building placement on the property match this photo The gas station was removed several years ago, and a new car wash was built in the location of the old one in 1995. The efiles date of this photo is 8/31/69 and on the same date the diagonal corner was photographed.

  9. I think that is the one in Lloyd Center area 9th and Weidler or so?

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  10. Yes that woman has a death grip on the wind wing frame. Any guesses as to the make and model of that car? A Chrysler product? I also see a rare 2-door Corvair back there to the left.

  11. Not being familiar with Barbour/Terwilliger area I was thinking NE Sandy Blvd or somewhere but it looks like Charles has pinpointed the spot pretty conclusively; nice work.
    What a different world it was back then, Corvairs, S&H Green Stamps, white-knuckled passengers/wing windows. Cool snap.

  12. I am with the Barbur & Terwilliger crowd. It was the first thought that came in my head.I used to drive to PCC in ’69 via Barbur and drove past this twice a day.The intersection today looks nothing like it did then.

  13. Well, even when I super-zoom and adjust the exposure, light, clarity, etc. I think the last 3 address numbers (above the door) are 7 0 4. Cant make out the first one or two. I know that’s not much help.

  14. Greg,
    I suspect the major changes to this intersection came when the rickety timber bridge across I-5 was replaced and Terwilliger was widened. It looks like there may have been another car wash on the SW corner of the intersection. Possibly a WashMan?

  15. We grew up in Burlingame. I contacted my sister in Seattle because she graduated in 1969 and would know more about this. As far as this being at Terwilliger and Barbur, here is her answer:

    “Yes, it definitely is Kaady’s Car Wash on Barbur at the end of the Terwilliger Bridge over the freeway (see the car wash part on the right?). And I do remember the big “U-Save” gas sign. Yup — 1969!”

  16. I have to agree with the Barbur/Terwilliger theory. Even the long street sign fits if the name is Terwilliger.

  17. In my earlier comment I mentioned the 7 0 4 and ? address numbers I could make out. After checking the Kaady’s address it comes to be 7400. And also Barbara M and her comment was the decision maker for me.

  18. Hoot: The body lines and emblem behind the rear door sure looked familiar, and then it came to me. My grandfather who lived in far Eastern Oregon was a lifetime Dodge owner, and these body lines, and emblem look to be a match for a 1963 Dodge 330.

  19. i’m another one on the barbur blvd train; however, it feels like it could be further west. up near the capitol hwy and barbur intersection mayhem.

  20. Yes, Barbur & Terwilliger. Thanks, Barbara, for that ’69 photo of Burger King on the opposite corner. We lived in Vermont Hills and went to Wilson High School in the mid-’60s, and that Burger King was the local hangout. Great to see it again!

  21. I grew up a short distance from the Barber Blvd loc. I am almost 100% certain it is the intersection of Terwilliger and Barber about 1/4 M North of Burlingame Fred Meyer.

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