6 thoughts on “NW Kearney, 1968

  1. We traded that in for a sausage factory and parking lot. But there are still a few homes of similar style up the block…

  2. Kind of a nostalgic shot. Modest vehicles, overgrown parking strip, shabby duplex – and yet, a “cool” neighborhood where young people just leaving home could afford to live. Where could you find that now in Portland? We were lucky . . .

  3. I would be moving into this neighborhood in 1973-1974, switching apartments often as better or more interesting rentals came available…. great photo, wonderful vehicles.

  4. All the great comments thus far pretty much reflex my own feelings about today’s photo but I would like to say the woman walking between the cars and the old tv antennas in the shot make it extra special. The greys, whites, greens & soft blues give it a sort of colorized quality to it. The bright orange bag the woman carries against her black sweater and her beautiful flowing auburn hair, as she makes her way somewhere on this rainy afternoon, the wet pavement, the open drivers’ side window of the truck contrasts with the tightly closed up windows of the station wagon, plus the “No Solicitors” sign in the doorway all make this shot a fine reflection of these times.

  5. Given the concrete block wall at the right of the photo the house was replaced by a loading area for Zenners. The empty lot to the left turned into parking for Good Sam.

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