SW Gibbs Street, 1963

SW Gibbs Street from SW Front Avenue (Naito Parkway) looking west, 1963.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, CU 65-63: View of SW Gibbs at SW Naito (Front) looking west, A2011-013, 1963.


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11 thoughts on “SW Gibbs Street, 1963

  1. There are those Blue and White old style Portland Street signs. Not sure what year they were all replaced with the green and white ones. Have a few of them.

  2. Was that the church that was used as a rare book storage warehouse and burned down a few years back with a loss of all the inventory?

  3. That turreted apartment building was many years past due for a fresh coat of paint; indicative of an owner just interested in collecting rent and nothing else. It’s nice to see that some homes were kept up and have survived – but the upkeep of properties in this area was spotty and so, ripe for gentrification. Wow, the OHSU Aerial Tramlines pass directly overhead here now – I personally couldn’t tolerate living with something like that, passing overhead all the time.

  4. Lou: between OHSU airlifts and the highway, it’s hard to picture having the occasional quiet tram overhead as my breaking point.

  5. It would be interesting to see what the turreted building in foreground originally looked like. At the time of this photograph the first floor had already been subject to unfortunate remodeling. None of those doors or windows are original. My guess is that there was a store(s) on the first floor and flats above. It appears there was a “false front” parapet facing the busier street. This architectural devise was used to make commercial buildings appear more substantial and imposing… and less residential…. And wouldn’t that turret have made just about the best reading nook in all of Portland? 😊

  6. Vlad: You are correct the Great Northwest Bookstore (3314 SW First) on corner of SW First & SW Gibbs was housed in a former 1890 Presbyterian church, and was destroyed on the afternoon of May 2, 2010 claiming the building and more than 100,000 books.

  7. Such a tragedy. A bookstore and all its books lost to fire. The old house next door probably went up as well too.

  8. I remember all kinds of road construction at this time coming off the west end of the Ross Island bridge and trying to get up to 6th and then go north. I recall the mess being there for at least 6 months.

  9. This is one of the most fascinating parts of town to me. So much history in this area and so much change. Lots of cool little hidden gems over there if you’re exploring though. I used to ride my scooter around there a lot just looking around. Much easier to navigate than a car. I get very confused and flustered trying to drive in that area now.

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