17 thoughts on “N Interstate Avenue, 1949

  1. Yes, the year 1939 is more like; good eye on the billboards…This photo has a movie quality about it. It makes me feel like I’m in a cop car, tailing a suspect or something.
    There’s another house blighted by billboards. It’s too bad that this area was to become such a no man’s land…a surreal area that one rides through to get to someplace else.

  2. Just an aside…I often wish I could look up car license plate numbers that I see in VP photographs, so I could find out the names of the person who owned them at that time.

  3. Igor: Interesting photo of the intersection with signs pointing the direction to Greeley and the Swan Island Airport that closed in 1940, and the what looks to be a railroad lantern below the signs.

  4. Good catch, Mike! Looks like ’39. What impresses me about both this photo and Igor’s photo is the lack of traffic on such a main-traveled thoroughfare as 99W heading north to Vancouver and Seattle! Also, all the telephone poles — everywhere you look.

  5. Ok, Igor’s photo now has me confused.
    Follow the sign right and head toward Washington.
    Where does the left option go, just down to Swan Island? Or also toward Overlook and UP?

  6. Dave: The first photo with the car in front of the 3 billboards is headed North on Interstate (99W), and the street to the right no longer exist. In the photo that Igor posted the car in this photo is headed South on Interstate (99W), and Greeley is the street to the left, that the signs point to.

  7. Okay everybody Greeley Ave went North all the way to Lombard St/Byp 30, then West into St. Johns or East to Columbia River Gorge.

  8. One other thing; you all will notice that there are overhead wires, but no rails; this means Electric Buses in operation.

  9. .. . it appears that from the condition of the hwy 99w concrete sign support in Igor’s image, Dave is not the only one who was temporarily confused about where all these roads go.. 😉 ..
    . i’m Guessing that the lantern is there to temporarily illuminate the post as the collision’s impact must have put the sign’s light out of operation.. .

  10. YES, the street on the far right does not exist anymore.Middle left is Interstate, far far left almost out of the picture is Greeley.

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