7 thoughts on “NW 3rd Avenue, 1976

  1. Awe yes, Johnny’s Old town deli. The best inexpensive sandwiches in Old Town back in the day. I used to get the roast beef and cheddar ($1.50) two or three times a week (because I was just beginning my carrier and was pinching pennies) I worked in the Merchant Hotel across the street. I still don’t understand the fascination with Darcell he looks like a grotesque caricature of a geriatric Madam. I find it a bit of a mockery of growing old as a female.

  2. This building had fire escapes on all sides back in 1976; and they appear to have disappeared sometime between August 2007 and May 2009 due to changes in building code requirements? I prefer the old front and awning, but the new does provide protection from the elements for patrons waiting to go inside.

  3. Yes Johnny’s was a real bargain and they gave you about twice the amount of meat on a sandwich that was really necessary. Me and my friend ate there whenever possible as it was even affordable for a couple of underemployed teens.

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