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  1. Mmmm. Enjoy a nice dish of ice cream followed by a fine cigar for desert. The shop keeper is sporting sleeve protectors so necessary in the days when fresh laundry was not always available. Apparently smiles were optional that day.

  2. The building itself is either gone or heavily remodeled as I can’t quite place exactly where this place was (guessing on or close to the corner), but the building in the window’s reflection is definitely there if you turn spin this street view around…


  3. I find this picture interesting. I grew up in a small mining town in northern Idaho. One business was a newsstand, selling newspapers, magazines and tobacco products (including cigars—some of them Cuban). They also had a soda fountain which had the best milkshakes anywhere. When you ordered a Coke, they put the syrup in the glass and added carbonated water. Adjoining and in full view was a bar. Some people called our town loose but I called it home.

  4. The slogan for Arden Farms suggested that they protected milk 27 ways. Sunfreze ice cream was their brand at the time.

  5. This building at 8131-8139 N Denver is on the National Register of Historic Places, but has seen extensive remodeling. The Kenton Pharmacy was in the building from date of construction until at least 1950. The Kenton Post Office was also in this location until moving in the mid 1930’s. In the 1930’s and 1940’s William P Cheshire operated a smoke shop and soda fountain with a men only card room and bar in the rear, Mr. Cheshire died in October 1943. Sunfreeze Ice Cream was a product of Western Dairy Products which started in Spokane WA., and was a dairy cooperative that expanded in to Oregon, and California. In 1927 Western Dairy Products had a contest to name their Ice Cream, and the $1000 prize for the winning name Sunfreeze was won by a LA California woman. Western Dairy Products merged with Arden Farms in the lath 1930’s ,and there was a Portland Ice Cream plant located at 617 SE Main.

  6. This photograph says so much about the individual personalities of each one of the gentlemen standing here; I’m not going to impose my own impressions here as we all will get different feelings from looking at these faces, styles of dress,
    stance, placement in the frame in relation to each other. We will all draw upon our own experiences to bring these folks to life again.

  7. Also in the window’s reflection you can see a partial MacMarr”s .Grocery sign. A very popular grocer in Portland

  8. Correction to my earlier post on prize money paid for the Sunfreeze name. Got to thinking that would be a little better than $14,000 in today’s dollars, so I reread the story and there were 51 cash winners that totaled $1,000. Winners from Oregon, and Southwest Washington collected (10) $20 prizes & (11) $10 prizes, what the woman from LA got for the Sunfreeze name is unknown.

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