SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1971

SE Hawthorne Boulevard sidewalk construction in front of Bergeson’s Coffee House between SE 37th Avenue and SE 38th Avenue looking east, 1971.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, SE Hawthorne sidewalk construction in front of Bergeson’s Coffee House_A2012-005, 1971.


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12 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1971

  1. The House of Linoleum was owned by friends of my parents. I remember going there as a kid and seeing all the boxes and rolls of floor coverings.

  2. JohnH Yes you are correct that is a reverse image of the Nick’s Famous Coney Island sign in the upper corner of the second hand store window.

  3. Those “City Of Portland” barriers look like the same ones that they put up on my street when they did sidewalk repair in 2014. Also: dig First National Bank of Oregon’s groovy logo

  4. Too bad linoleum went out of style. It is a wonderful, durable and environmentally friendly material, much better in all ways than vinyl. The new colors and patterns are much better than the vintage ones. Although I still have fond memories of greenish swirly linoleum kitchen counters with that deadly metal edging.

  5. I remember the television ads for 1st National Bank, they adopted the song phrase,
    “We’d like to get to know you…”

  6. By 1971, my mother had remarried and moved to a house off 43rd & Hawthorne, but in the mid 60s we lived adjacent to the 1st Nat’l Bank Parking lot on Clay St. Every payday my mother would take me to Bergeson’s for a hamburger basket dinner (my favorite thing) and then we’d walk across the street to the Baghdad Theatre and see whatever was showing that week. It was all the treat she could afford as a single mother, but I looked forward to our special night every two weeks.

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