14 thoughts on “City Employees, 1960

  1. This photo appears to have been taken perhaps in a basement. That’s quite an assortment of art adorning the walls. The time on the wall clock and the smaller
    pocket watch sized clock face below are pretty close; so I take it the clock was probably working. So, was this a late BBQ dinner or lunch? I’d say dinner, in the summer months. Looks like the chef has a plate of uncooked chicken thighs or legs in his left hand and the guy in the suit, is perhaps sampling the BBQ sauce from the Tupperware container in the cooks right hand. This is a great shot. The fellow leaning on the back of his wife’s chair looks on the right, looks like he’s on his second drink…It’s fun to speculate anyway.

  2. Sign on the pipe says “Headquarters Sewage Disposal..”. Also, there’s a photo of a couple on the wall of a couple in the same room.

  3. Iconic in so many ways! Build a rumpus room in the basement and you’ve got to use it. The art work covers the spectrum from Rockwell-type pictures of soldiers and kids to pin-up girls. He’s even started papering them on the ceiling. The guests are smiling but clutching those drinks (and purses) pretty tightly. Is he their boss? Did they have to come? A few uncomfortable cast-off pieces of furniture, a crazy guy in his pressed (!) novelty man apron forcing snacks on the partygoers- wow, who wouldn’t be counting the minutes until you could gracefully find your way to the stairway and escape. Ha

  4. Asbestos floor tiles and….is that a bed behind them on the left with a lovely coverlet? Looks like they placed coats and purses there for easy grabbing. Great statues on top of the old radio that looks like it could be turned on to hear the “fireside chats” with FDR. Great photo!

  5. That room is great, and how about the Rin Tin Tin statue at the base of the ‘radio’. The room with the sign on the pipe, looks like a government building. Had he moved in there. over the years ? and is now retiring
    Time capsule.

  6. Enjoying this! I think the item with the coats is a table (because of the height) and that it is possible it is a basement room in a building that has been “decorated” to be a bit more homey. I can’t find where we had a Bureau of Sewage and Waste Disposal (found a 1959 City Club report about Sewage Disposal and Drainage in the Portland Metropolitan Area. But then it occurred to me the sticker could be a joke since it is on plumbing.

  7. The Oregonian has story on 8/20/59 page 20 that L.H. Rosenthal was appointed by the City Council as the replacement manager and engineer of the “Bureau of Sewage and Refuse Disposal” so the sticker on the basement sewer pipe must have been a legitimate Portland Bureau.

  8. Someone mentioned the name of a city employee in this chain of comments . . . Maybe you could see if the name comes up in a city directory and get his address?

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