8 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1939

  1. Had this picture been posted a year ago, we could have admired how the storefronts survived as Swecikly’s Home Plate restaurant, but now it’s a new apartment building

  2. An older Google street view; a more recent street view shows that the building which once contained the shops has been demolished.

  3. Haha, Igor, you and I frequently post at the same time with google map embeds. Guess I’ll have to get up a bit earlier from now on. 😉

  4. Joy the Tailor (shop in photo) was advertising in The Oregonian as early as 1919:

    “Joy Tailors Portland: Why not? Here are the best of fabrics, expert cutters, skilled workmen. And to add to your joy, easy terms of payment. Joy, the tailor, 104 Fourth st., bet. Washington and Stark.” — Oregonian, Oct. 26, 1919, p. 9

    “WANTED — Strong, healthy woman to learn pressing. Joy, the Tailor, 104 4th St.” — Oregonian, Feb. 29, 1920, p. 21

    JOY! WHAT A HAPPY NAME! Joy is willing to make you happy; he will give you easy payments on a hand-tailored, made-to-order suit and he will make it for as low a price as you can buy one for, ready-made. See Joy, and you won’t have to join any “Kentucky Jeans Club”! Joy, the tailor, [etc.] — Oregonian, April 18, 1920

    By 1921 Joy was publishing a mini-newsletter inside the Oregonian, called “The Joylette,” with many paragraphs about personal appearance and how he can sell on credit while still saving his customers money. See, for instance, Oregonian, April 15, 1921, p. 3

    The 1930’s entries seem mostly to be listings of Joy’s business in bowling leagues, but in 1968 the company ran this “help wanted” ad:
    “PART TIME COUNTER PERSON for Cleaning and pressing Establishment — Joy the Tailor, 925 NE Broadway.” Oregonian — Oct. 12, 1968, p. 32

  5. Was the Mt. Tabor Apartments (50th Hawthorne) always apartments?
    I lived there many years ago- and always wondered since my studio apartment seemed to have been carved up from office space.

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