4 thoughts on “Bull Run Dam 1, 1928

  1. I know it’s not but whatever they are doing seems somewhat random. As in “let’s stand in cold, moving water stacking some large timbers in preparation for …?”

  2. The two dump trucks here appear to be 1928 MACK AB dump trucks, they had a 5 tonne capacity and were the first to produce power brakes. Mack’s founder John Mack, died in a car crash in 1924 in Weatherly, PA. In 1932 while recuperating from an operation, Mack’s chief engineer Alfred Fellows Masury carves Mack’s first bulldog hood ornament. Masury applies for and receives a U.S. patent for his design; the bulldog hood ornament adorns Mack trucks ever since.
    Incidentally, there there are still some of the dump trucks around; most have about 20K miles on their engines and they sell for $26,000.
    Tough work this…brings to mind this song lyric-
    “That a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure, will they still believe it when he’s dead.” J. Lennon, ‘Girl’.

  3. Another glass plate negative photo, beautiful focus and optics. Big difference between these photos and the ones taken with roll film in the 50’s and 60’s.

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