Aerial, 1965

Aerial of the area near Emanuel Hospital and the City’s Maintenance Department’s Morris and Stanton Yards looking north, 1965. Morris Yard was removed to make way for the construction of the Fremont Bridge ramp to I-5.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-007.779.


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14 thoughts on “Aerial, 1965

  1. ‘silo house’ at lower center.
    2 blocks west is a house on a corner with the debris of another house wrapped around it. odd.

  2. Mike: The ramp on the Right is now the ramp from I-5 North to the Fremont bridge, but the ramp on the Left has never been used, and perhaps was going to be the connection from the Fremont bridge to I-5 South.

  3. I forgot the mention that if you enlarge the photo at the top were I-5 curves to the right you can see the approach from I-5 South to the Fremont bridge is already done.

  4. if you go to the image in the 9/12/19 post, there is a file number in lower left of picture; click on the “.122” part and the enlargement that pops up will show the silo house at center right… in my browsers, at least!

  5. Ah, the memories. Twenty years after this photo I would spend many on call nights in the old Emanuel residents quarters (west of Emanuel Hospital and now location of the Medical Office Building) when I first started practice.

  6. wondering if the demolition debris and all of the empty spaces in the residential areas were the result of the condemnations for hospital expansion that decimated Albina, or if this was before that.

  7. @Kristan Burkert, The demolition in this photo is for the construction of ramps for the Fremont Bridge which, after I-5 construction, continued the process of breaking up the Eliot neighborhood. Emanuel started buying, and tearing down, properties around the hospital in the ’70s for future expansion. They didn’t tear down everything they bought. By the late ’80s they were offering to sell houses they owned in the neighborhood to employees.

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