7 thoughts on “N Williams Avenue, 1962

  1. Ellis Cleaners is a hazardous waste site now. Probably at the time as well, I suppose.

    It turns out that toxic cleaning chemicals need proper disposal and shouldn’t be dumped out back every day for years on end. Now we see the real life equivalent of the bulging rug that cartoons sweep everything under.

  2. Robert G: you need to flip that view to the north. On the visible blocks to the left/west, everything is gone and maybe two structures remain on the right.

  3. Everything is mostly gone, replaced by cheap, modernistic apartments that cling to the sidewalks perched 6 stories up. This is a repeating pattern across the city. SHM

  4. Schmamps: Yes quite the mess was made on the property by Ellis Cleaners. The DEQ report indicated that .5 gallons of PCE dry cleaning chemical was dumped on the ground weekly between 1950-1986, that would be approx. 936 gallons in the 36 years of the cleaners operation. If the street view Robert G posted is rotated the remediation that is taking place of the Ellis Cleaners location will show the steps that are being taken to remove the vapors from the soil. The DEQ report also indicated PCE vapors present in neighboring properties that require air filtration.

  5. I believe we are just south of Fremont Street. The building north of the “ice cream”: sign was the site of the Wonder Bread thrift store. The bakery itself occupied three-quarters of the block, all except the northeast quadrant.

  6. Great comments, thank you all.
    There’s an interesting look to this photo…in terms of composition,
    light values and colors. I don’t know exactly how to describe it…
    It’s a feeling – looks almost like a painting – perhaps a Norman Rockwell
    quality without people.

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