23 thoughts on “North Portland, 1937

  1. Nice shot of how long the Lovejoy off ramp off of the Broadway bridge used to be. Also a good view of the old Portland Gas and Cokegas holder tank there by the Steel Bridge

  2. right in the middle of the parcel’s russel st edge (today: russell and commerce) is a nice victorian, with the yard showing original contours of this section of town.

    also love all the buildings shaped by the adjacent railroad spurs. shin shin foods building has a loop right through it…

  3. Steven: Because of the close proximity to Union Pacific railroads Albina Yards, I believe that the curvature between the building is a railroad siding for this business to ship, or receive their products, and if you look a the Google photo link from your post you will see other buildings with a curvature. If my memory serves me right there use to be railroad tracks that crossed Interstate Ave. There are also several rail siding in Portland that have not been used by businesses for years since trucking became the preferred method of shipping.

  4. I wish they could have kept the Battleship intact and maybe had her moored today at the Maritime Museum with the sternwheeler. But it was not to be.

  5. Thanks for confirming the Burnside; the angle of the view makes the westside approach look so much closer to the Steel Bridge approach that I thought there might have been another bridge there and gone now (assuming the B Bridge was out of view in the photo)…
    My eyes were playing tricks on me!

  6. one block below the victorian at russell and commerce is a tall, hat-topped silo, right up against a house. doesn’t look to be a part of house, either.

  7. the house with the ‘silo’ is still here in this photo, but the silo has been attached to the house, squared off and given a conventional roof.
    russell is at bottom right edge; silo house is two blocks south of main legacy bldg, nw corner.

  8. the felt pen line marks the “bluff” that now is currently under the I-5 viaduct between the Fremont Bridge and Broadway. its a small bluff, but its there….

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