13 thoughts on “Fire Bureau Milk Fund, 1936

  1. Mike, the change in name, is said to have come from the Iranian ambassador to Germany, who came under the influence of the Nazis. Iran is a relatively modern contraction of the name Airyana Vaeja (the ancient homeland of the Airya or Aryans).

    Over time, Airyana Vaeja became Airan-Vej, then Eran-Vej or Airan-Vej (the Parthians and Sassanians had a slightly different pronunciation), then Eran or Airan, and finally Iran.

  2. I love the fact that three ethnic groups are represented. Who’s to say why they don’t look happy? 1936 was probably not a happy time. We were just coming out of the Great Depression. Many people were still living in abject poverty. But I do remember similar milk bottles in the mid 50s.

  3. The lady pictured here was Mrs. Hazel Foeller, who at the time of the photo was a nurse working for Portland Public Schools. She was long active (at least into the 1960s) in various nursing administration jobs for Multnomah County and Portland city governments. The occasion for the photo was publicity for the distribution of the one millionth bottle of milk donated through the Fire Bureau Milk Fund to children from needy families. On 3 December 1936 the Oregonian ran a different photo of this same event showing Mrs. Foeller and the unidentified older girl (in the center of the VP photo) standing beneath the same “Milking Time in Many Lands” graphic. The fire dept. milk fund was started in 1932. Money for the milk fund reportedly came mainly from ticket sales to an annual football game at Mult. Stadium featuring champion high school and prep school players.

  4. 1936 was a difficult year for many famiies. The kids have the look of hard times and I am delighted that the Fire Bureau made a contribution.

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