6 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor, 1956

  1. The 1956 Soap Box Derby was held on the weekend of July 21st & 22nd and was sponsored by Chevrolet and TV station KLOR CH. 12 (in 1956 KPTV was CH. 27) which broadcast the races. The race was open to boys ages 11-15, and the listed prizes for the winner is a trip to Akron Ohio for national championship, and a boat, motor and trailer. Second place was to receive a $400 trip to a Colorado dude ranch, other prizes awarded were a Hi-Fi record player to the most unusual car, and a $75 fishing outfit for the best sportsman. The 1956 Portland winner was 15 year old Roger Adams of SE 72nd, second place was 12 year old Delbert Woods of SE Rural Street. The August 19th national winner was from New York, and received a $5000 scholarship.

  2. I went to one a couple years ago. One entrant shot water into crowd going around bends – I got pretty soaked on one run. There were some interesting cars there.

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