9 thoughts on “Steel Bridge, circa 1938

  1. I’m lov’in it! Thought I had just about all the photos of this area in vintage times, But not this one at that angle.

  2. Wouldn’t want to live there, but it would be an interesting place to visit. Besides being long gone, it’s an interesting mix of housing and other uses capable of meeting all of one’s needs in easy walking distance.

    Maybe not outwardly, but the future of inner Portland looks a lot like that past.

  3. Love to see an old photo of Portland’s REO Trucks plan. Not sure where it was located. My father worked there in the 1940s and maybe early 1950s.

  4. Good catch there Mike. The Trolley Map of Portland shows a WA or Williams Avenue trolley coach with that very route.

  5. Good catch there Mike. That would most likely be the WA or Williams Avenue trolley coach as found on the Trolley Map of Portland

  6. we came a long way since then !!! now we have MAX the Freeway the Moda center & the Convention center and much more but we demolished so many cool old buildings to !

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