11 thoughts on “NW Thurman Street, circa 1951

  1. @ryanvdz, I think the taller part of the Marine Electric building and the ivy covered building just past it are still there, just covered in metal siding. It looks like Marine Electric Co. may be the predecessor to the current occupant, EC Electric. https://ecpowerslife.com/our-history/

  2. All the photographs that we see on VP of old neighborhoods no longer around with their homes, apartments, ma & pop commercial establish etc. are a testament to the sort of short sighted thinking that brought about our so called rental shortage; that has brought us the glut of construction we have been witnessing in recent years. Huge boxy apartment buildings crammed into any available space (i.e. all the new construction just North of the Burnside bridge on the East side.

  3. Nothing remains from this old photo that I can see.

    Forest Park, MacLeay Park, and the forested ridge of the west hills also remain. The original photo was taken a mere three years after our civic leaders had the vision in 1948 to preserve this tremendous civic asset, aided of course by tax foreclosures on properties related to attempted developments that had gone very badly for both the developers and buyers.

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