4 thoughts on “Bull Run Dam 1, 1928

  1. Off topic, but I’d like to urge VP fans to look at the wonderful, long set of interactions posted about NE 82nd and Halsey, 1951 (see “Jan” in Recent Comments list today). The original photo was posted in 2012, but Jan wrote yesterday. It is a great set of comments (mostly from several years ago), old friends reconnecting after decades, remembering life in the vicinity of the photo.

  2. From 6/12/19 City of Portland website referring to needle valve replacements: The Work of this Contract consists of removal of three existing Larner-Johnson needle valves at the base of Bull Run Dam No. 1, and installation of new owner-furnished hooded fixed-cone valves with actuators. These low-level reservoir outlet valves are used for downstream water temperature control and reservoir water level control. Bull Run Dam No. 1, constructed in 1926, is within the Bull Run Watershed protected area.

    I had to look at a photo of the dam to get some idea of what this image was all about.
    Pretty amazing structure.

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