12 thoughts on “SW Ankeny Street, 1975

  1. I love the Skidmore Fountain! There on the right, with water coming out on top. This area is somewhat more congested today. As recently as 40-something years ago I can see a great deal of pioneer flavor.

  2. In 1977 the EPA started classifying cars by their “interior dimensions” and as a result cars like the Ford Pinto got reclassified from subcompact to compact. In 1975 (and earlier) car ratings were still based on the exterior dimensions of a car – and car classifications were more generalized (i.e. small, economy cars, full-sized). So I gather cars the size of a VW Beetle would be “VW Class” and park at a reduced rate.

  3. Looks like that water tower across the river is still gracing the skyline today – no small
    feat given the ridiculous jam up of new buildings on the east side of the Burnside bridge.

  4. “If the late Cubby O’brien were alive to see this shot, he’d be rolling in his grave!”

    All right I’m stumped. The Mouseketeer? (except he’s not dead) Maybe the Portland Architect? But why would he be rolling in his grave to see a photo from 1975?

  5. How would Cubby O’brien “roll in his grave” if he were “alive today”, as another post suggest he actually is?

  6. we had really nice cast iron buildings on this site most of the where demolished in the 1950s & 1970s what a bummer !!

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