13 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1962

  1. I looked both in satellite 3D as well as street view and I’m pretty sure this is actually 49th – the house on the left (behind the small Shell gas station) is still there, the little parking lot on the left has evidence of cement paving that would have, I’m guessing, been where the pumps were, and the a few of the buildings on the mid-right are identifiable.

  2. There’s an interesting mix of automobiles seen here. A Chevy Corvair, some Nash Ramblers, a couple late 50’s cars with fins. The standout though, is the 1936 Chevy Master Deluxe four-door sedan parked in the front of
    the two craftsmen houses on NE 47th.

  3. Okay, it has been a long time…but I think this photo was taken from just a bit above where 49th and Thompson hit Sandy Blvd. The two streets create a corner where they meet Sandy. There is a motel entrance on Sandy on the left side of the photo and the motel parking lot was L-shaped and also had an entrance on 49th. Unfortunately, I can’t blow the photo up on my PC and maintain good resolution. But, if I am correct, I lived in the house right behind the Shell station on the left side of the photo from early 1958 until summer 1960. The front door of the house is on 49th, the garage opens on Thompson. Inside the garage was a 1929 Ford owned by the women who lived on the first floor. My mother, sister and I lived upstairs (rented) and there was a back stairs up from behind the house along Thompson. If someone has the capacity to blow this photo up and maintain clarity on the left side please email it to me. If all this is accurate it is kind of mind-boggling.

  4. I think that is Denison’s Shell Station on 50th and Sandy. Can anybody see the name of the motel down the street? I’m doing some research and would appreciate it.

  5. I think you are right. The service station was between 49th and 50th, with Thompson running behind it. I could see it from my bedroom window. I wish I could remember the name of that motel. During a snowy winter they cleared their parking lot and friends and I made a fort out of the big pile of snow in a corner of the lot.

  6. Edge Lord From 1955 there are classified ads in the Oregonian for Riviera Hotel Apts 4810 NE Sandy, also from the same year I viewed a receipt & business card for Riviera Motel Apts. at the same address, I don’t know if that was the same name in 1962.

  7. Picture quality not good enough to be posted here (in my biased and humble opinion that nobody cares about).

  8. Dennis: Thank you very much. I researched that address. I think I came up with a positive ID: Town House Motel
    I think the sign confirms it.

  9. Edge Lord yes you got the correct name. I just viewed a 60’s postcard of Town House Motel at NE Sandy and 48th and the sign is the same as shown on the photo today.

  10. Yes! That’s it–The Town House. Thanks for jogging my memory. So very strange to see a house I used to live in in one of these Vintage Portland photos. The two sisters who lived downstairs (we rented the upstairs from them) owned a 1929 Ford that was in their garage. I don’t believe they drove it anymore. I was 11 when we moved in, 14 when we moved out and oh, how I coveted that potential hot rod.

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