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  1. You would think it would be pretty easy to search the Multnomah County Library Oregonian archives for Falts Bar but the new database they have does not work well because you keep getting hits for Falls and felt. The other database they had before worked much better.

  2. Mike — I found two listings for James E. Falt, one on May 11, 1929 (arrested for selling liquor by the drink in a downtown hotel) and one in 1931 (in a mortuary list of those cremated). He’s probably connected to that bar.

  3. Morrison, Downtown? On the far right the bldg. corner plaque says 1at National Bank. This looks to be older than 1920. Maybe not.

  4. From the Oregonian 9/21/14 there is a ad for ” Falt’s Crawfish ” with a address of 293 Morrison, but the street number would be from the old Portland numbering system.

  5. I believe it’s Morrison St. facing east, in the block between Fourth and Fifth. According to the records of the Morning Oregonian, the clothier Ben Selling was located at the corner of Fourth and Morrison, and if you look directly above the streetcar you can see the sign for “Ben Selling.”

  6. Is the curved structure in the background, just to the left go the streetcar, part of the 3rd Street “Great Light Way”? If so, that would place the date after mid-1914.

  7. I believe that it is Washington street as you can see the old Greek Restaurant building on the upper left corner, the bank building on the lower right there and across the street from there next to the parking lot that was built in the 1960’s the 3rd street building. Use to deliver to all these locations. I believe that the bank’s address was 319 SW Washington. Upper right side building use to house Nudelman’s and then Portland luggage.

  8. There’s an ad in the December 21, 1914 Morning Oregonian for the First National Bank at Fifth and Morrison.

  9. Date-wise women’s skirts began to rise in ~1915 from ankle to mid-calf. The ones I can see in the photo look mostly ankle-length. I would put the date between mid 1914 to 1916.

  10. I agree this appears to be the 5th & Washington. My earlier post indicate Falt’s Crawfish was at 293 Morrison. Additional information from Oregon Secretary of State indicates J.E. Falt & Louis Neischl trade marked “Portland Crawfish Co.” in 1916. Then from the Oregonian 11/29/18 there is a small ad that reads “Auction sale today contents of Portland Crawfish Co. 293 Morrison st. at the corner of 5th.”

  11. Sorry, it’s Morrison NOT Washington. Ben Seller clothier at Fourth and Morrison,the First National Bank at Fifth and Morrison, and the streetcar sign reads Morrison.

  12. The Lion Clothing Company and Fourth and Morrison carried Ralston Shoes. There’s a sign visible just about the streetcar.

  13. Sorry, let me try that again. The Lion Clothing Company at Fourth and Morrison carried Ralston Shoes. The sign is visible just above the streetcar.

  14. Oddly, the City Auditor’s “Street Renumbering Report” has no 293 Morrison, although I’ve found a number of Oregonian citations for it, as have some of the rest of you. The oldest I’ve seen is dated 1892: “The Popular, a new restaurant just opened at 293 Morrison street, near Fifth, will make a specialty of delicious coffee, cold roast and fine salads, prepared in first-class style.” There are 292 and 294-295 Morrison addresses in the City Auditor report, which translate into 430 and 436 SW Morrison.

    What happened to that great website — I think it was called LovejoyPettygrove, that translated the old addresses into the new?

  15. What’s the fancy looking gothic building to the left of the streetcar in the next block, the one with the “xxxfield” sign on the roof?

  16. Regarding Falt’s Bar”, remember prohibition began in Oregon in 1916. Were bars and saloons still (no pun intended) operating after Jan. 1, 1916?

  17. @Robin… Before prohibition in 1916 would fit with with my estimate of around 1915 based on presence of “Great Light Way” structure (opened June, 1914) and skirt lengths starting to rise during the Great War.

  18. Jim your link to the Corbett Building at SW 5th & Morrison from 1928 helps to confirm the location. The VP photo shows 3 street lamps in front of the Corbett Building with round globes, that match the 1928 photo. As a side note how many people remember that the Corbett Building was brought down by implosion on Sunday 5/1/88 to make way for Pioneer Place development, and you can see it on YouTube.

  19. Look at the roll sign. The streetcar is on the Depot and Morrison line. The W on the dash sign is for Willamette Heights. Dept and Morrison cars ran from Union Depot to Southwest Morrison Street, then followed a stair-stepping route to Northwest Twenty-seventh and Thurman Streets

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