12 thoughts on “Portland, 1894

  1. Fascinating. The map is of good quality and clear. The flood of June 1894 and its result. This certainly was a big one. I’ll copy and keep this one!

  2. Wonderful map. Very clear. It also helps pinpoint the location of certain uses like
    The Industrial Expo off Washington St., and the progression of blocks that had already been platted. Amazing how far west the flood waters went.

  3. This is an amazing map…can anyone read the name of the hill East of “Park” [Washington] and “Johnson’s Add[ition]”, just south of Burnside? I live in this area
    area and would like to know the name of that hill. I can make out a “C” and an “A” in the name but the other letters are tough for me to make out.

  4. Lou, that reads “Cedar Hill” the subdivision of the old Green property, where John Reed was born.

  5. To really zoom in and pan these wonderful maps I copy the image to pictures and reopen in photo viewer. Most do the same or similar depending on their system. Again, this one is fascinating.

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