11 thoughts on “SW Ankeny Street, 1975

  1. Shoot! Could someone explain what I did wrong when I tried to insert the current image into my comment? I copied the “share” link from Google into the “Leave a Reply” box but only the URL showed up!

  2. Thanks, Robert. I see Share or Embed Image, but the only choice after that is Embed a Map. I’ll try that here:

  3. That photo makes the street look deceptively “clean” which it wasn’t even back in 1975. I wonder how much longer those old building can resist the wrecking ball and new development?

  4. Not long probably. It’s a shame. I watched a program the other night about Galileo. The building he lived in in the 16th century is still standing in Italy.

  5. Vlad: While nothing lasts forever, “experts” who study cities now claim that longevity of a building is a good indicator of it how long it will continue to be around (e.g. if it’s currently old, in good shape, and, in use, chances are it will stay around (lets hope so). However that wasn’t always the case; as it is widely acknowledged that at the end of WWII, many servicemen who returned and entered urban planning, went crazy tearing down old buildings in American cities – they’d seen enough “old buildings” in Europe.

  6. Susan: The house I live in here in France was built in the 13th century when most of the village was built. Gratned the property value is nowhere near what something would be in Portland, but still, the only reason to demolish a building here is if it is unsafe and impossible to renovate.

    And to comment on the photo…in the middle of the block on the left was the “Green Dolphin Bookshop” owned by Wright Lewis. Prior to the location here the shop was on SE Stark in the Montevilla neighborhood. It was a wonderful shop which specialized in nautical books, but they had a great stock of other books, too.

  7. Back in the 1970s, there were 2 great book stores I used to browse in: One was the Green Dolphin which was on Ankeny in this photo, the other was called Alpha Centauri which was at the Fine Arts Building on Morrison. I used to spend a lot of times in both of those shops…also Cal’s on 1st avenue! He had a lot of old records in his very dank basement!

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