7 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1964

  1. I wonder what year that Motor Bank sign was removed? Seems like it was still there till a few years ago.

  2. And today’s view:

    The google image history for the Motor Bank goes back to 2011, and shows that the For Lease sign has been there for the past 7 years. The Motor Bank sign apparently disappeared before then.

  3. Billy Gelppy: The red thing on the Jeep could be a power winch.
    Looks like the trees planted in this area have done quite well.
    “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage [and, one person in every car].
    Herbert Hoover, 1928.

  4. The Benson Hotel is across the street and in the “current view,’ I turned it around and was able to go into the Benson’s lobby and move all around. Lovely Grandfather clock

  5. That 63 or 64 Jeep Wagoneer (later became the Cherokee) was built like a Sherman tank. I had one. It did drink gas but all and all was pretty dependable. And I agree with Lou L-P that its got a winch up front.

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