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  1. Albina neighborhood tree planting program removed many diseased trees and replaced them with Kwanzan flowering flowering cherry trees which could be purchased by home owners for $5, and planted by a Forest Grove nursery. PGE removed the old trees, so this may explain the large auger in this photo. This info comes from the Oregonian 3/20/64 page 28, and has a photo of a tree planting on N Haight, with people from this photo included.

  2. I found some interesting information about the Reverend Roosevelt in the Oregonian. There were over 40 citations in it for him, the final one leading to his obituary:

    “The Rev. Roosevelt Rogers, 79, a Baptist minister long active in civic affairs of Portland’s black community, died Wednesday in a Portland hospital.

    “Mr. Rogers was born in Scott, Ark. He worked as a janitor and chauffeur before moving to the Portland area in 1943, where he was ordained. He was associated for approximately 30 years with the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church as a member and associate minister.

    “He served also as a loan officer with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, as a co-chairman of the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Committee and worked with the Urban League, all of which honored him with awards for civic duty. He was active also in the Albina Ministerial Alliance.

    “Members of the Fleur de Lys Club, a women’s group raising money for scholarships, honored Mr. Rogers as the club’s founder.

    “Survivors include two nieces, Blanche Richard and Hazel Flaig, and one nephew, Donald E. Pullen, all of Portland.”
    —Oregonian, September 12, 1982 p. 1

    Sadly, one of the earlier articles (April 7, 1968, p. 19) is “RELATIVES SEEK PORTLAND MAN: Roosevelt Rogers, 4057 N. Albina Ave., has appealed for help in locating his son, Theodore Roosevelt Rogers, 39, of 604 N. Beech St., who has been missing since the middle of February.” It goes on to describe him and what he was last wearing, and reports that he was working in a Seattle paper plant. The fact that he is not mentioned in the obituary indicates he did not survive his father.

    Older articles report on the Reverend Rogers’ running for state representative on the Republican ticket. This was in the 1950’s.

  3. Michael: The people are member of the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Project Tree Program Sub-Committee (L-R Rev. F. J Crear, Mrs Robert Kutch, Herbert Lewis and E. H. Thiel) and this was most likely a photo-op. The tree planting programs goal was to plant 525 trees, that also include Incense Cedar, Japanese Maple, Dogwood, Birch, and Flowering Cherry trees

  4. I meant to say that I’d also looked up Lula Crane in the Oregonian, but found only this obituary of her mother in the May 15, 1962 issue (p. 28):
    SPOTTS—Elizabeth B., Portland; mother of Lula Crane, Eugene; Joseph B., Portland, James L., Charles A. and J. Earl; 13 grand, 23 great grandchildren….

  5. Correction to my last post on people in photo. L-R Rev. Rogers, Lula Crane, E H Thiel, and Mell Stead.

  6. Liz C: I looked at the obit. in 9/12/82 Oregonian for Rev. Rogers, and the survivors you listed are from the obit. of Ethel Galloway which appears above Rev. Rogers. The obit. for Rev. Rogers does list his son Ted , and other family members as survivors. I found what is likely the Obit. for Theodore Roosevelt Rogers age 67 in the 3/8/96 Oregonian. If Ted the was missing in Seattle in April 1968 at the age of 39 he would have been 67 years old in 1996.

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