23 thoughts on “Broadway Bridge, 1969

  1. Is this going over the Ross Island bridge, heading West?Certainly glad we don’t have as many Bill boards as we use tool

  2. I think this is northbound on Barbur. At the left edge of the photo you can see the ramp going up to the wooden pedestrian that used to span Barbur.

  3. This doesn’t look like the Broadway Bridge to me at all. Maybe Front Avenue/Naito Parkway around the Ross Island Bridge?

  4. The only place on the bridge that still has that fencing is the east end of the bridge, so it’s either the ramp from Larrabee over the RR tracks, or possibly the Lovejoy Ramp that was torn down.

  5. Oh well, wont be the first time a location was questioned. VP does do a great job for us all. Im sure someone will figure it out. At one time 99 did use the Broadway, but that was long before ’69.

  6. Notice the sprinkler operating on the right side of the photo. Back when the city actually maintained highway and street landscaping.

  7. On the left edge of the photo the 7up billboard can also be seen in the March 27th photo that John S. refers to, and both photos have a Efiles record date of 8/31/69.

  8. John C. I noticed that nicely aimed sprinkler head showering in the photo too and immediately my mind went to seeing a homeless person taking advantage of the spray to cool off a bit. I don’t say this out of any malice towards the homeless but, I see people camping out everyday in landscaped (planted) areas in the city and it’s become an automatic expectation to witness such activity.

  9. I’m pretty sure this is Barbur Blvd. northbound, near the Ross Island Bridge, and somewhat near the old Neighborhood House and Lair Hill Park in south Portland.

  10. Streetlamp poles are still original, although they could use some maintenance.
    Streetlamp heads have been replace with new LED units. One of the few times I can actually say that I like the new design better.
    Probably was upgraded only in the past couple of years.

  11. i like the glass lens on the old street lights they have the LED lights now not as nice looking as old glass ones where

  12. I do think the photo is on Barbur. However, on close examination the 7 Up sign is different than the March 27th post.

  13. “At one time 99 did use the Broadway, but that was long before ’69.”

    Yep, agree with George above: the original route of 99W was over the Broadway Bridge. It was moved to the Steel Bridge via Harbor Drive in 1950 (though also agree this is clearly not the approach to the Broadway in the photo).

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