10 thoughts on “NE 15th Avenue, 1985

  1. Among the current businesses there is Daddy Mojo’s Cafe, at 1501 NE 15th Avenue. And Billy gelppy, the following website is focused on this intersection:


    Part of what it says is:
    “Throughout all this change, there’s been one steady witness at the northeast corner of the intersection that has seen it all: the former Anderson’s Grocery Company building, 1501 NE Fremont. Today it’s Daddy Mojo’s Cafe, and it’s had a long and interesting history. Here are two views about 20 years apart that will help turn back the clock.”

  2. Variety stores were a popular designation of retail for quite a few years, and Anderson Pharmacy was previously in that shop, according to the Alameda history.

  3. porcelain telephone sing dont see them around anymore !! its on the left pole in the image

  4. cars back then where better built ! the sheet metal was a lot thicker !! engines lasted longer too

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