14 thoughts on “SW Barbur Boulevard

  1. Sahli Jones – Was this not one of the larger appliance stores during the time period of this photo??

  2. The front 2 cars are Ramblers. The one on the left is a 1966-68 American, the car on the right is a 1962 Ambassador.

  3. I recall working at a Union 76 station in San Diego during the same time this photo was taken – lots of streamers flying in the breeze there too. The young blonde haired attendant with the customer, the greasy credit card imprinters the plastic signature boards and 3 part carbon receipts – crazy days.

  4. Don T: I don’t know if Sahli-Jones was one of the largest Appliance & TV dealers during era, but they had more locations than most others. Their locations were Barbur Blvd. – downtown Milwaukie – NE Halsey in Gateway – SE 66 & Powell, 2600 block of N. Lombard. The largest in sales volume dealers I think would have been Smith’s Home Furnishings at SE Division & 30th or Fred Schwary on NE Sandy & 103rd.

  5. In 1969 we wouldn’t have believed it if we were told they’d be selling cannibis behind the Union 76 Hi-Lo station in 50 years.

  6. Dennis, when I was a young lad in the early 60’s I went into Smith Home Furnishings on 30th and SE Division St. and watched my first color tv’s; I figured out how to adjust the color contrast and fixed all the TV’s till they caught me and threw me out about 3 weeks later. Fun times for a 10yr old.

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