11 thoughts on “NE 15th Avenue, 1963

  1. Yeah, Mike, those Flying A signs were sure neat! Also notice the S&H Green Stamp sign at the gas station. All the signs of the past. I remember the ANP Market on the opposite corner: Does anyone know if that was part of the big A&P grocery store chain in the East?

  2. While I was trying (unsuccessfully) to find an answer to Robin’s question, I did find a couple of interesting little police reports about the ANP Market in The Oregonian —

    12/23/1952, p. 22: “ PRODUCE KNIFE ROUTS GUNMAN — The store manager routed a would-be robber with a produce knife Saturday in a holdup attempt at the ANP Grocery. 1501 NE Fremont St.

    “Claude Holt told officers a young, well-dressed man entered the store at 7:20 a.m. and asked for a package of cigarettes. As Holt handed him change, the man demanded the money from the cash register and pulled a small gun from his pocket. Holt refused to give him the money and grabbed for the knife, which was lying on a nearby table.”
    8/1/1957, p. 37: “STORE WINDOW BROKEN — A $200 window at the ANP grocery, 1501 N.E. Fremont street, was smashed by rock throwing vandals. Police were told Saturday.”

  3. Robin checkout Alamedahistory.org they indicate this was Anderson grocery from 1923, until it became ANP grocery, I don’t think it was ever a A&P store.

  4. I certainly miss the small corner grocery stores. With the closure of QFC on 33rd and NE Broadway, we lost both convenience and community.

  5. Ill pass on the flying A sign, as I have one of those Crouse-Hinds “Art Deco” traffic signals with the “smiley” lenses. only a very very few remain in service in Portland!

    notice no pedestrian signals….!

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