8 thoughts on “SE Ladd Avenue, 1951

  1. “Stop” sign use has proliferated and lighting of walkways in such areas as deteriorated, since then.

  2. I’m kinda surprised that the Friends of Ladd’s Addition hasn’t restored the traffic circle with the original lamp posts and street lights. It would look much better.

  3. Lou L-P: were I to guess, that stop sign brings the intersection “up to code” for modern roadways, and the lights only a marker to warn drivers with gaslamp-intensity headlights about the island. It is not much of a stretch from here to assume they were removed after countless collisions and replacements until halogen lights took over.

  4. A well remembered location, this is were I would cut through the main center circle instead of walking around the center circle on my way to Benson High School in the 70’s.

  5. Laura, i cut thru the alley way that was just behind the Winchels Donut shop on the east side of Ladd Ave all the way to Division street on my freshman year, to and from my way to Benson High in 1965.

  6. i love the concrete lamp posts and the black ones with the steel shade why did the city take them out so dumb !!! like usual
    our city has gotten much worse today and it wont ever stop in 50 years we wont have
    any thing old around any more !

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