9 thoughts on “NE Alberta Street, 1913

  1. This is not Alberta and NE 31st. I’ve sleuthed this image out with the help of old Sanborn maps while at City Archives and suggested they amend the location. It is Alberta, but it’s farther west, where Alberta jogs between Commercial and Kerby near present-day Jefferson High School. There used to be a large gas storage container near this site. When I found the reference, I was hoping it was indeed the corner of NE 31st and Alberta, an area I was researching for another project, but found that it had been mislabeled.

    Here’s a piece about what was going on at NE 31st and Alberta about this time:

    And another great image from NE Alberta at about 27th:

  2. I “think” it’s maybe here instead, facing west – this is where the jog happens pretty obviously at the intersection of Commercial.

    The 1913 photo is fantastic though.

  3. Today photo at first glance appeared to be quite quaint – a lone car out and about on rainy day; one can almost hear the sound of the car approaching. However a jog in the road changed all that, we learned the photos true location, and this led to more old photographs and facts into peoples lives we never would have heard or known about.
    Thanks for expanding this post Doug, with your fine detective work.

  4. Doug
    There is still a small building left over from where that manufactured gas holder tank used to be on N Alberta. Now has natural gas valves in it.

  5. To add one more piece of sleuthing, this is an image from Apple Maps “flyover” 3D view. The purple arrow is pointing to a hipped roof of a house built in 1910 (4933 N Haight Ave) that I think is in todays’ photo. http://tinyurl.com/y5jvhmcv

  6. This is such a great photo! My house was built in 1911 and it is photographs such as this that allow me to travel back in time to see what Portland looked like when my house was newly built.

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