NE Fremont Street, 1963

NE Fremont Street and NE 15th Avenue, 1963. We saw this intersection from a different angle in a previous post.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, ZC 4309 : NE 15th at Fremont looking north, A2011-013, 1963.


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7 thoughts on “NE Fremont Street, 1963

  1. I have often wondered when Portland went from those blue and white street signs to the current green and white street signs. I thought they had changed them out earlier than 1963 but in this photo you can see they are still there.

  2. All the nice single family dwellings were obliterated on the west side of NE 15th all the way to NE Beech St. to be replaced by strip mall and parking lot.

    Interesting to see an old phone booth in this shot, and the S&H Green Stamp sign…I recall pasting those in books for my grandmother as a kid.

    Also, these were the days when you could adjust your tire pressures for free and pump attendants would sometimes ask if you wanted them to “check under the hood” or wash your windshield. Flying A owned by Associated Oil Co., was based in San Francisco in 1926 and covered the entire West Coast of US, Hawaii and most of the orient.

  3. At every light between Union and 82nd(which were US Highways) except 21st and 33rd there was at least 1 gas station and a store and it was true for a lot of other streets in Portland. Most had more. And the people that worked there generally lived in the neighborhood and made in today’s terms “a family wage” and a lot owned homes. Kids worked at these businesses part time and in the summer. They were looked after by the owners and treated well. There was some under the table doings but it was fair not exploitative like today. They learned the value of money and work. I am 68 and I started working when I was 9 or 10. I wish I could go back to those times

  4. I moved into the neighborhood in Feb 1965. The homes here are quite a surprise. I knew it as Tradewell, One Hour Martinizing.. Three blocks away, my parents bought their home for $12k

  5. For me what’s surprising in the older photos is the lack of trees. In 1964 you could see all the way up the hill to Prescott. Not true in 2019.

  6. The Columbus Day Storm in 1962 deforested a lot of Portland. Wishire and Grant Park lost about 1/2 of their trees. My folks lost 1 of three trees in our front parking strip that were over 4 foot in diameter to the storm. Wilshire Park especially looked like a mini old growth forest with smaller 70 year old trees before the storm, not so after it.. Portland was still cleaning up in the spring of 1963. Also there was no active agenda to plant trees until later.

  7. all them nice beautiful homes built in the 30s are all gone the whole block is a s%#”
    hole now a days looks like a abomination to day the old building on the right has changed much since then 1963 59 years a go !!!! every thing looked better then !
    such a cool innocent simple time we lived in un like now cars had such class !!!

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