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  1. According to the Oregonian (February 26, 1930, p. 13) a three-day “ fire college” of fire chiefs from Washington and Oregon was planned for the month of March at the station, which was then located at 4th and Taylor.

  2. From the Oregonian (August 16, 1920, p.4): MODEL FIRE HOUSE BUILT: New Central Station Has Many Innovations — Two Downtown Companies Will Occupy Building at Fourth and Taylor Streets:

    “The new central fire station building at the corner of Fourth and Taylor streets is nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy in about ten days. It is a building of pleasing architectural lines, the exterior faced with white brick and constructed from plans prepared by Lee Holden, battalion chief. It includes a number of new ideas not heretofore employed, intended to serve for higher efficiency and greater convenience of the service. The front doors of the engine, truck and hose wagon stalls fold inside instead of opening outwardly and obstructing the sidewalk.

    “The building is of three stories, the ground floor being devoted to equipment and accourtements [sic] of the companes [sic]. The second floor is the quarters for the men and the third floor is designed to be utilized as a department school for educational work in the department, and for conferences and hearings conducted by the fire marshal or department head. … The construction work is being done by A. Guthrie & Co., and the cost will be about $55,000. This is the first structure erected as a result of the bonds voted by the city for construction of new fire departments.

    “In order to avoid the usual drop at the entrance to stations, the pavement will be raised on Fourth street so that the roadway will be level with the curb at this point. A drinking fountain has been installed on the Taylor-street side of the building.”

  3. If I remember correctly this building was used as a parking garage after the Fire station moved to Front St.

  4. The Portland Fire Bureau website shows the address for this station as 905 SW 4th, (SW 4th & Taylor) and that Truck #1 and Engine #1 were at this station from 1921 – 1948. This entire block is now occupied by Standard Insurance Center, and it was originally built as the Georgia Pacific building. The city shows this building has been at this location since 1968.

  5. the site is not very pretty to day that beautiful brick work on the building behind them
    is priceless !!! its a Georgian architectural style building !!

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