7 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor, 1894

  1. Is the farmhouse in the center still standing at SE 60th and Madison? It’s a little hard to link to a picture given the trees around it, but it looks similar.

  2. Looks like reservoir 1 is nearing completion in this picture. I’m guessing the workers in top left corner are prepping the promenade for the installation of the wrought iron fence that encircled the supply pond. I really appreciate the architecture incorporated into these old projects. The turret style gatehouse with all the Romanesque features. The designers could have easily made this utility grade boring (like they do today) but they outdid themselves with castle like gatehouse, a wonderful walkway around the reservoir and even a drinking fountain at one end. Must be a nice view from roof of that gatehouse.

  3. @igor The intersection of SE 60th & Madison could not be seen from this location. As Steven points out this photo looks South, or Southwest, and 60th & Madison would be Northwest from the location of this photo. If you look a aerial view reservoir #1 is just North of SE Lincoln near SE 66th.

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