10 thoughts on “Rose Festival Parade, 1954

  1. Looks like this might have been the staging area for the start or end of the parade; Lincoln High School? I like that old TV camera on the boom.

  2. Lou, I believe it is what we now know as Providence Park. I grew up with it being Civic Stadium.

  3. The float here depicts dog racing, or the “Sport of Queens” as it was favored by both Queen Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I. This float represents the Multnomah Kennel Club and illustrates the start of the race with the greyhounds on leashes held by groomsmen and the captain ready to start the race.

  4. It would be great to be able to see the complete 1954 Rose Festival Parade in film. I would assume someone films many events including media companies. Any idea who I can contact would be much appreciated.

  5. Beautiful float here at Civic Stadium. There’s one of the high school bands in the background in formation, getting ready to march. To the float’s right, the man in white is one of the Royal Rosarians, distinguished civic leaders who were involved with the Rose Festival. They marched in the parade wearing white suits and white hats. Our Hayhurst elementary principal was a Rosarian.

  6. Hi,
    The white house in the upper right corner of the photo is still there, at SW 18th & Taylor St.
    I noticed on the camera boom, First National Bank is called such, before it became First Interstate Bank.
    Sincerely, Billy

  7. I think in 1954 it was Multnomah Stadium, and was still owned by the Multnomah Athletic Club. The side we see in the picture has been changed beyond recognition.

  8. Edge Lord I agree that the “Sport of Queens” float was a Multnomah Kennel Club entrant in the parade. From 1933-1956 Multnomah Stadium was the home of Multnomah Kennel Club greyhound racing, and if you look just in front of the bleachers you can see part of the dirt track. Greyhound racing left, and the east side bleachers were removed to expand for proper baseball dimensions, for the Portland Beavers. This photo shows the forming up of the parade in 1954 that traveled from the stadium to the east side disband area at Benson High School.

  9. Dennis: I see the dirt track. Thank you. I never knew they raced the dogs inside Multnomah Stadium!

  10. Dennis, I never knew they raced dogs at Multnomah stadium. I remember it as a baseball stadium in the mid- to late 1950s. That’s really interesting! I do recall greyhound racing in later years out at Fairview, way out on the east side.

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