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  1. Is this scene near the once-popular Hoyt Hotel, which was across from the Railroad Station? Does anyone remember the famous Gracie Hanson reviews? I haven’t visited that area in years and suspect that the Hoyt is long gone.

  2. Susan this photo was taken at NW Broadway & NW Davis, and the Hoyt Hotel was on NW 6th between NW Glisan and NW Hoyt, so that would place it 4 blocks in the opposite direction, and 1 block East of this photo. The Hoyt Hotel was demolished 30 years or more ago.

  3. Whatever happened to the train from the old TV series Pettycoat Junction that was in the Hoyt Hotel?

  4. I believe the train on Petticoat Junction was the same train that was used in the short lived series: “Casey Jones” in the late 1950s which starred Alan Hale before he became the skipper on “Gilligan’s Island.”

  5. Today there’s only two gas stations. One is up Burnside around 23rd and the other down near 5th. And both are not much fun to get in and out of.

  6. Laura the Petticoat Junction train (Hooterville Cannonball) was really 2 trains, one real, and one a prop made by Fox Studio prop dept. for the 1950 movie “A Ticket to Tomahawk” were the train was called the Emma Sweeney. The real train used in all shots of the train in motion is the Sierra No. 3 which is also known as the movie train for it’s extensive used in Movies, and TV shows, and is operational, and located at the Railtown 1897 State Historical Park in Jamestown, California. The full size prop train Emma Sweeney which was made of wood and fiberglass on a steel frame and is associated with the Hoyt Hotel, was leased for the TV production of Petticoat Junction & later Green Acres, went through several owners after the Hoyt Hotel closed, and today is the property of the Durango Railroad Historical Society in Colorado, where it was restored to it’s look from the the movie that was filmed in the Durango area. Today I believe it is on display undercover at Santa Rita Park in Durango, CO

  7. i love all the singage such class unlike today the city looks grate back then wish i could have been there nice thing about gas then it was cheap !!!

  8. Roy Burnett was bought out by Alexander’s which was bought by Timberline Dodge. We used Roy Burnett stationary until 2010 when Timberline folded

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