11 thoughts on “Finley’s Funeral Home, 1963

  1. In 1963, on my way home from school, one of my favorite things was to go up and down the ramp at St Michael’s.

  2. The motel building is now a restaurant, and the church is still there, but the other nearby blocks have been swallowed up by PSU and St. Mary’s. But there are many familiar buildings– M&F, state office building, Hilton, Standard Plaza, and county courthouse among them.

  3. And the bell tower of the First Congregational Church in the far background, still a landmark today. Got married there in ’58. Had a Ford Country Squire in ’63, yellow with the beautiful fake wood sides. Is that car in the foreground of the Finley’s lot, green, a Kaiser or Frasier??

  4. I think the “little red building” was part of the original St. Mary’s Academy that was around until the late 60’s. It filled most of the block to the East of the current school, and much of its original stone wall still surrounds the block. This is the 5 or 6 story grey building that looms above and to the right of the square Italianate bell tower of St. Michael’s. The school was topped with a domed cupola, the lower shaft of which shows above the roof of the building, although this photo has cut off the upper portion of it.

  5. St. Michael’s Church was the church for the Italian community that was wiped out by PSU and the 405 Freeway construction. The style is Romanesque revival including the bell tower. In 1978 I remodeled the entry stairs and provided a ramp to the front entrance (not for people with disabilities, although it could be used by them) the purpose was so that the Pall Bearers didn’t have to negotiate the steep front stairs. Love the XK150 Jaguar on Finley’s roof top.

  6. when portland still looked nostalgic this area is so cold and modern now all them ugly
    buildings now dominate the city now ! WHAT HAVE WE DONE !!

  7. Hi,
    In the vacant lot ruins I would imagine there were once old, wooden 19th-century houses. Perhaps torn down in the 1950s.
    It’s interesting to see an old apartment building facing SW 3rd Avenue on the right side of the photo.
    Looks like the parking lot wall may have survived until recently. I seem to remember it from my streetcar trips of the past 5 years…
    This photo is a feast for the old automobile enthusiasts too!
    And once the S.P. railroad rumbled south on SW 4th Avenue on the left. Proceeding to the trestle which began at 4th & Sheridan.

    In an aside, I would like to mention there are many entertaining Rose Festival home movies out there on the web. I even found one with many recognizable buildings,
    and featuring Mayor George Baker.
    Sincerely, Billy

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