26 thoughts on “NE 82nd Avenue, circa 1925

  1. Anyone know what that building there on the right is that looks like some sort of grand stand?

  2. Yes, Elliot, I believe that’s Mt. Tabor in background, This 1925 view is the SW corner of 82nd & Glisan. Today’s view, supplied by Mike (above), shows the NE corner of the intersection with Montavilla Park’s rec. building there on the corner.

  3. Too bad there aren’t any cars in the 1925 photo. I would love to see an auto being filled up at the “filling station,” as old-time Portlanders used to call ’em.

  4. bldg at right:
    1908-50 sanborn V8 sheet 886 – garage capy 15 cars

    robin, if you zoom you can see some shiny cars lurking in it…

  5. You know, I think Ron Dietz may be correct; this 1925 Standard Station view may be the SW corner of 82nd & Stark. Mt. Tabor is clearly visible in the background, and that’s the same view today if you look at the Standard Oil-Chevron station on the corner of 82nd & Stark on Google Earth. Igor’s great 1939 photo is, I’m quite sure, looking north at 82nd & Gllsan because the original Montavilla Park rec center is clearly visible to the right in Igor’s photo. I remember that building from my childhood. And Mike, your present view of 82nd & Glisan shows today’s Montavilla Park Community Center on that corner.

  6. david, some people like chopped liver!
    sanborn, 24 – 28, vol 9 sheet 826. ‘gas and oils’ with a house behind… and a lumberyard with an open storage shed next door.
    interesting that two corners could have such similar buildings on them!

  7. Yes, David J, you were the one who identified the photo as Krum’s service station at 82nd & Stark. Sorry about that! Was Mr. Krum the original owner? How do you know it by that name? Just curious. Also, wl pointed out the nearby lumberyard, visible at the right of the 1925 photo. Today Milwaukie Lumber at 8048 SE Stark St. occupies much of an adjacent block near the service station. Interesting.

  8. Prior to Milwaukie lumber this was Kingsley lumber. Ads in the Oregonian from late 1937 list their address as SE 81st & Stark.

  9. Yes, Dan, I can see on Google Earth the house at 8104 SE Alder is still there today! In the 1925 photo it looks closer than 2 blocks away, but there it is still standing today on the corner of Alder & 81st.

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