13 thoughts on “Reservoir 5, 1911

  1. As always, I can’t imagine the back breaking work that went into building the reservoirs in late 1800s and early 1900s. Or all the major construction jobs then. Yes, I am fully aware that it is still VERY difficult work—work I would not want to do.

  2. Cyrico the city sold a gatehouse to a closed reservoir on the corner of SE 60th and SE Division. It’s now a private residence.

  3. The gatehouse on the corner of SE 60th & Division was for reservoir #2, and the retirement home was built where the reservoir was located.

  4. One of the interesting facts about the Mount Tabor and Washington Park reservoirs is that the city of Portland had to engage in a long fight with the state of Oregon before it could build them and the Bull Run system. But the city was growing so fast — and the old system was making so many people seriously ill — the state finally relented in the 1880s. Here’s some background: https://www.oregonlive.com/history/2015/02/throwback_thursday_old_portlan.html

  5. Was it really a fight John? In your article it just says they lobbied the legislature. Why would the state fight the city over the city developing a water system.

  6. Its not exactly the State fighting. At that time as well as now, State is just a puppet of the people who stand to make fortunes upon the “right” decision of the State.

  7. such a beautiful reinforced concrete building ! looks like roman style aqueduct hope it stays around forever happy memorial day !

  8. Then you had Mr. Pennoyer stating he’d rather have Willamette river water over Bull Run. The water source for the city of New York (or is it all of New York) requires no filtration.(In case you were wondering) LOL.

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