12 thoughts on “NE Fremont Street

  1. Tree planting to fight CO2 (“Global Warming”) certainly took off since then, as did gentrification of this neighborhood.

  2. This photo, looking northwest from just west of NE 15th, is from a series of photos taken to document zone changes at this intersection. The cleaners is about where Starbucks is today, and the gas station is now long gone. There was an earlier series of the same intersection as well, a few of which you can check out here: https://alamedahistory.org/2019/04/23/remember-the-anp-market-at-15th-and-fremont/

    I’m preparing a history of the “Daddy Mojos” building (which was first built to house the Anderson Grocery Company and Fremont Pharmacy) and in search of memories about this great old time traveler in any of its various stages of evolution: from grocery store, to juvenile court field office, to game and recreation center, to convenience store, to bar and grill.

    So many changes at this intersection over the years…

  3. The large complex that was built after these corner buildings were erased is hideous. They planted the trees to cover it up. Gentrification in this neighborhood another sad chapter in Portland history.

  4. That weird martinizing trademark never really caught on, nor did I ever understand what it was.

  5. Jerry Seinfeld did a funny bit about Martinizing. Basically, he said that you hand them a shirt, and then they put it on a hangar with a plastic wrapper and hand it back to you.

  6. This picture is earlier than 1985. I moved into this neighborhood in 1983 and the gas station was not pumping gas but was a car repair garage. Also, if you look closely at the cars they are older than 1985

  7. I remember those “One-Hour Martinizing” neon signs being all over Anchorage and Seattle in the 1970s and ’80s.

  8. Gentrification is a good thing. It cuts down crime and gangs and helps income inequality as bringing in more people with money, makes the incomes more equal.

  9. I think the current Starbucks/Whole Foods building was just added on in front of this one. The Fremont facade sure looks like the storefronts that you can see from the current NE 14th/Fremont corner.

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