16 thoughts on “Engine and Hose 3, circa 1917

  1. I’m fairly certain the house in the background was the Richard B. Knapp house in NW Portland.

  2. Yeah based on the chimneys & the curb, I immediately thought the Knapp house! It’s a tough call, though.
    And, W. Burnside St west of 15th was once called Washington St. There are many interesting possibilities.
    The J.K. Gill family home was across the street from the Knapp house. I love walking around that neighborhood of the West Shore panorama, c. 1890

  3. What a beautiful white horse! And, yes, that house in the background looks very familiar from my childhood. Thanks, Lou L-P, for the fascinating link to Portland history.

  4. Before the Knapp house was demolished local preservationist Eric Ladd contracted with St Mary’s Cathedral to salvage many of the architectural elements from the house, such as hardware, lighting, doors, millwork etc. so these items most likely found new life in other area homes. Looking at a current Google streetview of the block where the house was located I think the low retaining wall around the entire block may be original.

  5. a house on sw myrtle ct was built using many pieces from knapp house, including several bay windows and the entrance. sadly it was remodeled in the 90s and while bay windows are still on the house, thay are no longer the knapp ones… just a generic, trimless bay.

  6. There are so many photos of Engine 3 over the years that I wonder if they had an in-house photographer.

  7. I’m pretty sure that the corner this was taken on was 17th and Davis. Looking through the OregonLive article linked above, the house’s turret faced North (on Everett), the big patio seen on the plaque faced east along 17th, and the angle of this photo is close to the same as the first one in the article so the chimneys line up. Also, the retaining wall heights are closer on this corner than any other – so here’s what I’m pretty confident is the view today (sadly)…

  8. ryanvdz: As you stated in your post the turret was on the North side of the house, but I think that the photo was taken on the corner of NW 17th & Everett. In the search box on this site enter “NW Portland Panorama” for a great illustration of the house in 1888. The entrance to the house on 17th & Everett has been filled in present day. as well as a entrance mid block on 18th. as depicted in the illustration.

  9. Dennis: you certainly could be right – the house appears awfully close to the retaining wall (and wouldn’t be from the opposing corner).

    The one main reason I suspected the other corner was if you look at the first photo in the OregonLive page linked above, the perspective is the same, just with more of the house visible; the same chimneys and the top left window. And if that’s the same side that has the large east-facing porch, it got me thinking the photo above was taken facing NW to get that angle.

  10. There is a fabulous old house at 2015 NW 21st Ave., built in 1900, with a nice old retaining wall.

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