Ninie Mae Locke, 1943

Ninie Mae Locke outside of her Guilds Lake apartment at 4402 NW 44th Avenue, 1943. In a previous post we saw Ninie dressed for work at the shipyards.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2011-025.3.


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19 thoughts on “Ninie Mae Locke, 1943

  1. What a classy lady! My mother worked on bomber engines in Honolulu during the war. I can’t imagine all the sacrifices all those in the war made.

  2. Where was Guild’s Lake….ie what’s there now?

    *Peace, Justice, Solidarity,*Michael Funke Bend, Oregon

    *Agitate, organize, mobilize, resist*

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    *Hail, Hail Rock and Roll.* –Chuck Berry, 1957

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  3. Michael: The Guild’s lake area is now the NW Portland Industrial area, with rough borders of West of NW 35th, between NW Yeon & NW St. Helens Rd., and was the site of a large public housing development for WW 2 shipyard workers.

  4. Portland is not the insular city it once was. It is now home to a lot of people who are from somewhere else who don’t have a knowledge of the past. No such thing as a stupid question.

  5. I appreciate the replies that provided me so much historical information. I am new to this site so don’t know how much to ask about. I grew up in Portland and Beaverton, but left in 1963. I had an uncle who had a drug store in Linnton so we used to drive up St. Helens Road to get there. But I was just a kid then, so I had never heard of Guild’s Lake. I’d be interested in any photos of Amato’s night club (my mother worked there in the late fifties and early sixties), the Owens-Illinois glass bottle plant out near the airport (my stepfather was manager there), the Power Brake Co. or the Reo truck plant (my father worked at both in the fifties.

  6. Michael: Oddly, I have a new calendar (1976) from Power Brake Company hanging on my wall. Would listen to the nightly radio broadcast of dance music from Amatos Supper Club. Nostalgia is heavy tonight. Thanks.

  7. I don’t recall the radio broadcasts and, besides, was into rock and roll. But, indeed, memories are good.

  8. Teresa, if you link to the “previous post” mentioned way up at the top of this (just under Ms. Locke’s photo) you’ll see more information about her.

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