Boise Neighborhood, 1970

Aerial of the Boise neighborhood in North Portland. Boise-Eliot Elementary is visible in the left portion of the image, 1970.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Model Cities Planning : Aerial of the Boise neighborhood, A2012-005, 1970.


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8 thoughts on “Boise Neighborhood, 1970

  1. If you zoom in in the far distance top right you can see the natural gas holder tanks that used to be off of SE 9th and SE Powell.

  2. Looks like a before/after of Fremont bridge impact. I see early construction of a pier on N Albina and N Morris Street.

  3. Zooming in far distance top right you can also see the twelve-story Weatherly Building (1927) one of the first high-rises built on the East Side, near the east end of the Morrison Bridge. Is that tall building visible in the top center of the photo the BPA Bldg.?

  4. Robin: The tall building in the center top of the photo I believe is the 700 Lloyd building (700 NE Multnomah) which I think was built in 1969 or 1970. If you check the vertical columns at the base of the building , with a current photo you will see a match.

  5. Always wished I could live 2 or 3 hundred years into the future to see how all this population boom ends up. We can’t go at this rate forever or can we? I don’t know. It’s like astronomy. Too deep to think about.

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