11 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1964

  1. My grandson asked the other day if big pink was the tallest building in Portland, and I had to say I didn’t know for sure. Is it?

  2. Dunking Retreat. Back room allegedly was the home of high stakes card games back in the day.

  3. Has a nice selection of cars and trucks. A ’58-59 Chevrolet LWB pickup, 60’s Volvo, ’59 Chevrolet 4 dr sedan aka “Batwing’ and ’64 Ford LWB pickup in the foreground and a selection of early 60’s cars and trucks. Can’t see anything over 6 or 7 years old.

  4. Back to those cruise nights every Friday, Start at Burnside and go south on Broadway till you approached Portland State territory. A quick left down to Sixth and then back north on Sixth to Burnside. Ride this “loop” from 7PM until midnight and beyond.

  5. the big pink is so 80s ugly dated ! so cold looking could have built a simple 5 story brick building with stone columns !! no more than 60 ft tall

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