24 thoughts on “Ross Island Bridge, 1969

  1. Does anyone remember the two prominent Victorian-style houses on the east end of the Ross Island Bridge? (1950s) Coming across the bridge from the Westside you couldn’t miss ’em. I particularly recall the one on the right side of the road just at the east end of the bridge. Dad would be driving, and my sister and I would argue in the back seat about which one of the houses we liked the most.

  2. robin
    one of those houses is still there– south of the bridge– the other on the north side of the bridge was torn down

  3. Robin, one of the Inman Poulson houses remain.
    I remember the traffic lanes being widened by taking up some sidewalk, wonder if this is before or after. I believe 6″ was added to each lane.

  4. Robin, one of the Inman Paulson houses remain.
    I remember the sidewalks being narrowed to add 2′ to the traffic area, wonder if this is before or after.
    This may be a double post, my computer illiteracy rears it’s ugly head ~

  5. Mike: The Ross Island bridge ownership and maintenance (US 26) was transferred from Multnomah County to the Oregon Dept. of Transportation in 1976, so the Multnomah County sign came down.

  6. And nearby (behind and off t the right) to where this photo was taken was Bell’s drive-in, the place for we Cleveland high-schoolers and our cars. So long ago! Remember making the rounds to Yaw’s, Tik-Tok, Bell’s, Van’s and a few other places in the 50’s. What I don’t remember is when Bell’s opened. Gas was 25-29 cents a gallon.

  7. The House on the North side of Powell was a twin to the house on the South side. The Robert D Inman house on the North side was demolished in 1958 to make way for a parking lot for a dairy. The Oregonian on the front page of the 11/26/58 edition has 2 photos of the demolition. The parking lot is now employee parking for Darigold.

  8. On this site search Inman – Poulson for a 1937 photo of Inman Poulson lumber on the East side of of the Willamette, with a link to a 1947 aerial photo of the area on the East side of Ross Island bridge.

  9. The south sidewalk was deleted to enlarge the traffic lanes. This may have coincided with the construction of the new ramp from eastbound bridge to southbound McLoughlin Blvd.

  10. The car in the westbound lane following the white VW Bug is a 1964 Toyota Corona. Pretty amazing how rapidly Toyota’s kept improving, becoming more sophisticated.

  11. Thanks Mike, Barbara, and Kevin for info on the Johan Paulsen House. Since I haven’t lived in Portland for years it’s great to see it again. I didn’t know that the other one was torn down so many years ago. Too bad.

  12. This sidewalk showing on the south side appears to be about 4′ wide. I remember it’s removal and the addition of what may have been 12″ to each lane increasing them from truck width of about 8′ to the present widths of approximate 9′.

  13. what happend to the concrete roundabout on the west side ? there was big monument there

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