27 thoughts on “NW Broadway, 1964

  1. Not a car guy but I’ll take a stab at identifying that light blue car on the left. A 1960 Austin Healey bug eyed Sprite.

  2. I like the freestanding fire alarm box on the right. Don’t see many of those. Usually they were on telephone poles.

  3. I think David is correct. A search through the Historical Oregonian for “Roy Burnett” (limiting to 1964) yields numerous ads for the business (called “Roy Burnett Motors”) on 123 N. Broadway. Some of the ads are amusing — one says “Roy Burnett has all the hot cars!” One assumes that adjective meant “popular” and not “stolen” for him!

  4. Note the auto supply store on the left advertising “seat covers”. When’s the last time you thought of that particular product?

  5. The color photographs of that era fade terribly over time, while the silver based images retain their sharpness and contrast.

  6. Roy Burnett Motors Chrysler- Plymouth new car dealership was located at 210 NW Broadway, between Everett & Davis. I bought a new Plymouth from them in 1971, and loved that their service dept.was open late until midnight I think.

  7. I don’t know how to post a “today” photo, but it looks as if all the buildings all still there, except the gas stations. The Roy Burnett building in particular has really been upgraded and improved. And the Coast Auto Supply building is now The Embers.

  8. The extent of the liquor advertising is noteworthy….Guess everyone had a two martini lunch and then a drink after work.

  9. Thanks igor. And in response to Christian,after the two martini lunch and the after work drink, they all got in their cars and drove away!

  10. I had a little blue Sprite just like that in 1969, except mine didn’t have a grille guard on the front bumper.

  11. “Thanks igor. And in response to Christian,after the two martini lunch and the after work drink, they all got in their cars and drove away!”

    And then they went home ate dinner and went back to work at night. Afterwards they stopped at places like the Barbary Coast at the Hoyt Hotel or any of the other Portland watering holes to have a few more. It was just as busy weeknights as on weekends.

  12. I do remember meeting a friends out of town parents at the Hoyt for dinner back right before his wedding in 1964 or 1965. You got to walk past the cooler and pick out your own steak. I can also remember a late night radio show being broadcast from the Hoyt during that time.

  13. Now beer is the main source of detrimental health affects from alcohol on people in their 30’s; in Portland.

  14. the coast auto building probably built in the late 30s & early 40s i hope portland finds a use for it !

  15. Does anyone remember that big sign advertising “Beefeater” Gin that used to be down there 40-50 yeras ago?

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