14 thoughts on “SW Barbur Boulevard, 1969

  1. Fond memories. I grew up in Burlingame in the 60’s. Crab Bowl was a ‘special treat’. Since we couldn’t really afford to go out to eat, mom and dad would get Crab Bowl to go sometimes and that was always special. The best fish and chips!

  2. When I moved to Barbur Blvd in 1989, this restaurant was called the Boulevard Café. The Crab Bowl had moved to Tigard near I-5 and had that huge sign. The Crab Bowl would become Fantasy Video. Today, it looks like the Crab Bowl has returned to this location. I remember the painting of the fisherman sitting on the dock with the fish was brought back for a while, looks like it’s gone now. I wonder if they still serve the Gamberi?

  3. The Crab Bowl and the New Republic Cafe were the only places we went out to eat when I was growing up in the 50s-60s. I once tried frog legs there – yuck. Sadly, the Crab Bowl went downhill and then lost its mojo when it moved.

  4. I’ve never eaten here but I enjoy reading people’s recollections of the place. Looked a bit more Fisherman’s Wharfy in the old days. Gamberi, that sounds good.

  5. This building goes waaay back. I remember our family leaving Fred Meyer Burlingame at night driving up the hill out Barbur Blvd. and the Crab Bowl with all its lights really visible near the top of the hill on the left side of the road. That was the early 1950s, long before I-5, when 99W (Barbur) was the main hwy heading south. Happy to see the building’s still there!

  6. You know you are aging if you recognize the black and white photo from your past. I lived in Sellwood and would drive my 61 Morris Minor 1000 over the Sellwood Bridge, up the hill and over to Barbur to get to the Crab Bowl. Usually had to stand in line outside before getting seated but the wait was always worth it. Best Fish and Chips, er at least rivaled Elephant and Castle’s little Fish&Chips side bar between NW 2nd and 3rd / Alder. Hear! Hear! for the New Republic Café as well. Mike Richard

  7. My family and I moved to the area in 1949, before Fred Meyer was there. The Crab Bowl always had a huge waiting line outside the building. I still see the original owner’s daughter at the St Clare/Capitol Hill Grade School picnics every year.
    From my home we could see the back of the Crab Bowl from across the ravine. There used to be a railroad in the ravine. On saturdays we’d walk down the tracks to go to the movie in Multnomah. Now Multnomah Blvd. replaces the railroad tracks.
    PS: Burlingame Fred Meyer was built about 1951.
    (Sorry, one remembrance brings back another and another.)

  8. Since I only worked a few blocks from the Elephant & Castle ( NW corner SW 2nd & Washington St.) I it patronized more often than the Crab Bowl but do miss both.

  9. 1974, standing in line under the awning with heaters, finally getting a table, the room always steamy from the kitchen and the wet coats, Alaskan king crab legs – we could afford it even in our 20’s with only a part-time job. Great memories!

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