13 thoughts on “Parklane Park, 1964

  1. Just a note of historical accuracy-this couldn’t be an Earth Day event in 1964 as the first Earth Day wasn’t until 1970. I still have my Boy Scout patch from that day to prove it.

  2. I’d understood the “Happy Earth Day!” as a wish from the VP moderator to all of us who read the blog — Best wishes to all!

  3. That isn’t me, but as a Boy Scout I certainly planted lots of small evergreens in the Tillamook Burn in the early 1960s. The tree in this photo is much larger and I totally applaud what he’s doing! Happy Earth Day everyone!

  4. Robin, there are photos and I think some film of scouts and schoolkids planting trees in the 1950s and 60s at the Tillamook Forest Center. Well worth a visit.

  5. Susan,
    I always look for that to happen, as well, and it did once, that I know of.
    It was a group photo of some young girls. A women posted that one those girls was her and she remembered it very well.

  6. Where I went to high school in 1970 (Adams High) they buried an internal combustion engine (something like a Chevy 283 etc.) in Fernhill park. It’s probably still there driving metal detectors crazy.

  7. I’ve lived in the Portland metro area for 75 years, , , , and I have never heard of Parklane Park! So where is this what I presume is city property?

  8. Time to get out more, Larry! I’d never heard of it either, but it’s between 148th and 162nd along SE Main St.

  9. Igor is right. Its approx. 15500 S.E. Main. A nice little V shaped park with a row of trees that surround the perimeter.

  10. Before the building of homes and Parklane Park, the area was the home of Troh’s Skyport a general aviation airfield that opened 6/30/46 which had 2 runways in a X pattern. Photo is available on Vintage Portland, and the web.

  11. Here is a little additional information on Troh’s Skyport. If you look at the photo on Vintage Portland the large hanger in the photo would have been in the area of approx, SE 156th & Harrison street today. In looking at a 1960 aerial photo the airfield was no longer in operation, but the hanger can be seen, and streets and homes are being built just to the West of this location.

  12. Susan, thanks for clueing me in about the Tillamook Forest Center. I didn’t know about it. Sounds really interesting; I’ll have to check it out

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