13 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. At first I thought that the building in the distance was a garage and this was near N Carey where there is a garage there but its not. Based on the sharpness of the curve it might be south of N Ainsworth but I can’t get anything to line up near there either.

  2. PMC–that looks about right. The house with the tapered chimney (and toyota truck in the driveway) was built in 1937, making it brand new in this picture.

  3. PMC, you got it. The house with the garage wrapped around the chimney is pretty definitive. So ~6520 N. Willamette.

  4. Agreed, regarding Macrum appearing too close to the houses, though this may be a difference in depth-of-field between the older photo and Google Streetview.

  5. As you say Aaron depth-of-field is the problem, in the newer pics that PMC shows there are two street poles, the one on the west side of Willamette shows N Willamette Ln running around the house south of 6520; in VP picture you see it as just a dirt track in the distance.

  6. I’m pretty sure you can see the hipped roof of my house (6420), just above the “shack”, immediately left of the 6520 house. My neighbor says a man named Rosencrantz and his partner Lulubell lived in the shack.

  7. PMC has got it correct. When I was young one of my best friends lived in that house with the Toyota pickup. Geez, what a small world we live in.

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